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GRENKE Core Values

At GRENKE, we take a personal approach to our work. We believe that traditional values such as transparency, fairness and honesty still hold true and we strive to ensure that these continue to underpin our relationships with customers, partners and shareholders. But our outlook also remains progressive, as is apparent from our innovative products and sustainable growth. The reputation of the GRENKE brand is a key consideration in everything we do and how we do it. Further, as a part of the community we take our responsibilities to society very seriously, as demonstrated by our support for community and cultural activities.


Trust in experience: the GRENKE Group.

The GRENKE story began in the southern German town of Baden-Baden. Wolfgang Grenke saw an untapped market in office communication equipment leasing and founded his business in 1978. Read more


The benefit of the GRENKE brand

Businesses that do not generate ideas have no viable long-term future. Ideas are the most important competitive capital and are at the heart of every powerful brand. Read More


Quality is everything

Our expectations regarding quality are high: we want to provide excellent services to our partners and customers. Read more